New Zealand Prime Minister Ardern Shuts Down Reporter’s Sexist Question


New Zealand Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern frowns while speaking at a press conference

I bet you the total GDP of New Zealand and Finland that this guy is still single. 

New Zealand’s Prime Minster Jacinda Ardern had the displeasure of responding a sexist question posed by a reporter at a press conference alongside Sanna Marin, the Prime Minister of Finland. What was it? Well, I’ll let Instagram explain:

So basically he asked if the purpose of Prime Minister Marin’s visit to New Zealand was to meet with Prime Minister Ardern so they could hang out because they’re “similar in age”? I assume that he also thought that they had scheduled out time to “braid each other’s hair” and “talk about boys” instead of … I don’t know … running their respective countries?

Ardern wasn’t having it, and made a comparison involving two male politicians to prove her point. No one assumed that Barack Obama met with former NZ Prime Minister John Key because of their mutual interest in “boy stuff.” You know, like measuring dicks and lighting farts on fire? Classic boy stuff! For all we know they COULD have been doing that, and maybe this reporter would have better journalistic luck barking up that tree than posing asinine questions to two of the most accomplished women in the world? Just a thought.

Ardern went on to reiterate that there is a disproportionately higher number of men in politics than there are women, and that the reason that two women meet is not “simply because of their gender.” However, due to this reporter’s feeble grasp of the concept of “reporting”, these two women in politics may actually START meeting up for other reasons. Namely, to dunk on men like him.

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