NFL Insider reveals new contender has entered the fray


Odell Beckham Jr. remains unable to play yet this season and unsigned to a team. He’s recovering from an ACL tear in the Super Bowl, a game he was on his way to potentially winning the MVP of. Despite no contract, the former Los Angeles Rams wideout has suitors.

An NFL insider believes that a new team has made themselves a real contender for Beckham Jr.

According to Heavy, the Buffalo Bills are now a real contender to acquire his services. They quoted NFL analyst Ian Rapoport:

โ€œThe Bucs, Packers, Bills and Chiefs have all been discussed as possible suitors for Beckham, though how much money the wide receiver warrants on a multi-year deal could rule out some of the possibilities.”

He was also reportedly in the building with the New York Giants, signaling a potential reunion there, so they can’t be ruled out, either. The wide receiver is looking at a mid-November return.


That would put him available past the trade deadline, so any wide receiver needy team or genuine contender could be looking at him then. The trade deadline will see those teams look for someone, but if they strike out, they could turn to him.

Those suitors may want to try and sign him sooner rather than later or else there will only be more competition for Beckham Jr.’s services.

Where does Odell Beckham Jr. fit in with those teams?

The star wide receiver would be useful to any team, but those teams are especially interested in him. The Green Bay Packers are desperate for wide receiver help this year, so he would fit right in as the potential top player on the depth chart.

That can also be said for the Kansas City Chiefs, though their wide receiver room is not as dire. They don’t have a true top wideout sans Tyreek Hill, so Beckham Jr. might be the top target in the wide receiver room there, too.


The Bills and Tampa Bay Buccaneers are different stories. Both teams have exceptional wide receiver corps. The Buccaneers are helmed by Mike Evans, Chris Godwin and Julio Jones, and the former LSU product would be a completely unfair fourth wide receiver.

The Bills have Stefon Diggs, Gabe Davis and Isaiah McKenzie. The former Ram would likely fit in as wide receiver three there.

Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills
Tennessee Titans v Buffalo Bills

He has a unique opportunity to either come to a team and be their top target or go to a different team and turn their wide receiver room into an utterly terrifying matchup.

If you use any of the above quotes, please credit Heavy, Ian Rapoport and H/T Sportskeeda.

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