NY Man Tried to Pass Cheez Doodles Off As Meth During Sting: Police

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  • Pennsylvania state police arrested Laquan Pierrelouis during a botched controlled drug deal, ABC27 reports.
  • Pierrelouis attempted to pass a bag of Cheez Doodles off as methamphetamine to the informant during the buy. 
  • When the informant asked Pierrelouis for actual drugs, he robbed the informant and sped off, dragging him with his car. 

A New York man was arrested on Tuesday in Pennsylvania after police say he dragged an informant with his car during a botched drug deal in which he attempted to give the informant Cheez Doodles instead of methamphetamine.

Laquan Pierrelouis, 31, from New York, is facing felony charges of robbery, possession with intent to sell, and attempting to elude an officer, ABC27 reports.

According to the news outlet, Pennsylvania state police gave a confidential informant $600 to buy 2 oz of methamphetamine from Pierrelouis, who was also referred to as “Fred” during the controlled buy.

The deal took place while Pierrelouis was inside his parked car and the informant approached the driver’s window, according to the outlet.

According to the local news outlet, Pierrelouis attempted to pass off a bag of “Cheez Doodles” as methamphetamine to the informant. 

Pierrelouis attempted to flee the scene in his car after he grabbed the informant’s phone and cash. 

Police said that Pierrelouis dragged the informant 10 to 20 feet across the road while driving until the informant fell to the ground and sustained minor injuries, according to the news outlet. 

After being followed by the surveillance team, police arrested Pierrelouis, who still had the informant’s $600 and cell phone, according to ABC27.

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