“One final day, one final show”


Stephen A. Smith is one of the biggest sports personalities there is on television. He’s living one of the greatest weeks he could, as the Dallas Cowboys were eliminated from the NFL playoffs. As always, he took the opportunity to troll Cowboys fans after another failed year.

However, Smith was also featured on the Pardon My Take podcast to talk about a lot of things – his hate for the Cowboys was one of the subjects. He also discussed his new book, his career, his success and his partnership with current Fox Sports’ The Undisputed host Skip Bayless.

Stephen A. Smith toyed with the idea of reuniting with Skip for another sports show in the future, even if it’s just for one final time.

“If you talk about one final day with Skip Bayless, I’d welcome that any day of the week, just to pay homage to what he’s done for me. And to beat him again. I’ve always beaten him. I’ve always beaten him. I’ll tell you he never beat me in a debate. But still and all, but it would be fun one final day, one final show, or something like that. But that’s all. I mean, other than that, I’m good.”


He also showed gratitude for what Skip did to his career – and life.

“I will always miss Skip [Bayless]. Skip is my guy, I love him. I don’t always agree with him. I didn’t agree with him when he was on the set with me. I don’t agree with him sometimes that he’s off the set with me and doing his own show. We’ve gone our separate ways. He’s doing what he’s doing. I’m doing what I’m doing. I’ll never root against him. I’ll always be grateful to him for what he has done for my career because there is no Stephen A with First Take if it were not for Skip Bayless.”

To be completely honest, we would love to watch them go after each other in a debate one final time, wouldn’t we?


Why Stephen A. Smith hates the Cowboys?

Stephen A. Smith says that there’s a personal reason for his dislike of the Cowboys. But one has to wonder if he really hates the franchise or if it’s just a public persona.

Smith always makes fun videos on Dallas after they get eliminated in the season, whether it’s the regular season or the playoffs. They haven’t made it to the NFC Championship ever since he became a regular on TV, helping his trolling.

Since the Cowboys lost to the 49ers on Sunday, this has been one of the happiest weeks for Stephen A. Smith on air.

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