“Only injury I’ve had while employed was from pushing out a 9lb baby”-WWE star slams troll on Twitter that wished her to be injured


WWE star Lacey Evans was never one to be afraid to put trolling fans in their place, especially when they wish that the former United States Marine would get injured.

Evans officially declared herself for this evening’s Royal Rumble matchup after her victory on last night’s SmackDown, where she defeated Jazmin Allure. This continued her “back to the basics” journey that began several weeks ago. Evans also debuted the Cobra Clutch, a move made famous by WWE legend Sgt. Slaughter, as her new finisher.

Despite her journey, some fans still dislike the former Slammy Award winner, one which made their point known on Twitter. The fan wished that Evans would get “injured” again so that she could be off of WWE television. Evans, who has never officially been injured during her stint on the main roster, rightfully put the fan in their place:

“The only “injury” I’ve had while employed, was from pushing out a 9lb baby on my couch. I still went to the gym 3 days later. Idiot.”

The only “injury” I’ve had while employed, was from pushing out a 9lb baby on my couch. I still went to the gym 3 days later. Idiot. 🇺🇲☕️ twitter.com/806Og/status/1…

There is still a lot of surprise spots open for the women’s WWE Royal Rumble

Lacey Evans, along with a number of other major stars in the women’s division, may have declared for tonight’s Royal Rumble, but that still leaves a great deal of surprise entrants.

One big name that most likely won’t be appearing is Ronda Rousey. The Baddest Woman on the Planet has not been incorporated into the company’s plans since she lost the SmackDown women’s title to Charlotte Flair.

Evans may not be the favorite to win the Women’s Royal Rumble, but that doesn’t mean she won’t enter the matchup with a lot of confidence. After her victory over Allure on SmackDown, she took to Twitter to show that she is ready.

How do you think Lacey Evans will do at the Royal Rumble? Sound off in the comments below. .

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