Photo Of US Police Dog Goes Viral After It Was Accused Of Stealing Officer’s Lunch

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Photo Of US Police Dog Goes Viral After It Was Accused Of Stealing Officer's Lunch

Officer Ice did not face any internal discipline or criminal charges.

A police dog, named Officer Ice, came under investigation by the Wyandotte Police Department (WPD) of Michigan after he allegedly stole lunch from one of his colleagues on January 12. The police department then shared an image of the dog’s mugshot after alleging criminal charges, as per a report in Fox News.

The police department took to Facebook to share the same. They stated that Officer Barwig was eating his lunch when he was summoned to the WPD jail for assistance. Upon his return, he found his lunch had vanished. “Ofc. Barwig was eating lunch in the breakroom when he was called to assist a person in the WPD jail. He quickly jumped into service, leaving his half-eaten lunch on the table. A short while later Barwig and another officer returned to the breakroom only to find Ofc. Ice leisurely strolled out of the room licking his chops. Barwig’s entire lunch was gone….disappeared, vanished!” the post stated. 

The department also stated that Officer Ice had “invoked his fifth amendment right to remain silent” and was not cooperating with the investigation. They continued on Facebook, “He has a history of rummaging through trash cans that are within his reach. There have been several other accusations of him taking food right from coworker’s hands as they walk by.”

Since being shared, the post has amassed over 25,000 likes and 14,000 shares. “Release that innocent officer! Do I need to organize a protest outside headquarters?” said a user.

A second added, “Justice for Ice! I’ll defend pro bono!”

“Pawsatively innocent until proven guilty,” commented a third user. 

On January 18, the department issued an update on Facebook, stating that they have been “threatened with massive protests” if they proceed with the investigation and/or charges against Ice.

“We have been threatened with massive protests if we move forward with our investigation and/or charges. Plus the overall public just doesn’t believe he is guilty.  No video has been produced. That being said Ofc Ice will not face any internal discipline or criminal charges,” they wrote in the post. 

The department added that “the public has spoken” They also added a hashtag  ‘#nochargesforIce.’

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