Pokelawls claims he could have stopped BruceDropEmOff from joining OTK and prevented recent fallout


In his stream from January 29, Georgie “Pokelawls” claimed that he could have prevented the recent controversy surrounding OTK and BruceDropEmOff by influencing the streamer not to choose the content group in the first place.

Bruce has been a popular topic of discussion lately for being banned from Twitch for ban evasion after his alternate account was suspended for using a racial slur. The controversy has been the talk of the streaming community over the last few days, especially due to his clash with Mizkif and subsequent departure from OTK.

Georgie claimed that he was in contact with BruceDropEmOff before he signed with the group and could have prevented the scandal, which went on to cause much debate among netizens:

“But part of me is, like, I could have been a drama Andy. But I’m not like that, you know what I’m saying? So, I could have warned him a little bit.”

“He’s definitely being racist”: Pokelawls gives his opinion on BruceDropEmOff’s recent online behavior

Shortly after starting the stream today, January 29, Pokelawls began talking about the situation involving OTK and Bruce, saying:

“I should have told Bruce; I’m kidding, I’m kidding. You know, when I was hanging out with Bruce, I didn’t wanna tell him, like, ‘Don’t join OTK or some sh*t.’ You know what I’m saying, chat? You feel me?”

Pokelawls also revealed that instead of giving his fellow streamer that piece of advice, he had gone with something completely different:

“Like, there was a time when I was hanging out with him, and it’s like, he was, like, deciding… he was, like, ‘Do I wanna join TSM or OTK.’ And I was just telling him, like, ‘Bro, you do whatever seems best for you, and whatever gets you the most money.'”

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After thinking about what would’ve happened if he’d war BruceDropEmOff, Pokelawls opined that things would probably have played out pretty much the same way despite his advice. He said:

“I think, honestly, even if I warned him, sh*t wouldn’t even have mattered. He’d be like, ‘What the f*ck is this guy talking about, and just, you know?'”

A bit later, he claimed that the former OTK streamer had “messed up,” saying:

“You know, Bruce definitely messed up, though. He messed up. He made a mistake. It happens, man.”

Pokelawls elaborated on what he meant, adding:

“I think he made a mistake in uh… I think he’s met a few people and accidentally AOE-ed the whole, like, race. You feel me? I think that knowing Bruce, he’s not like that. I think he was just dumb there; you feel me? And that’s my perspective of it, but I could be wrong. But I don’t think he is like that.”

After his chat brought up BruceDropEmOff’s tweets, Pokelawls straight up claimed that the streamer was “racist”:

“I think he is stupid. Do you guys feel me? I think he is being dumb, though. Like, he’s… he’s definitely being racist in the sense that you don’t do that. You’re just fighting it with the wrong thing.”

For context, the former OTK member has claimed that Twitch is stifling his right to expression by suspending him and has remained adamant that his usage of the c-word and other points about certain people were the “truth.”

Indefinite ban for telling the racist off, we live in a world where you can’t speak the the truth.

Reddit reactions to the clip

r/LivestreamFail had quite a lot to say about the Pokelawls clip involving BruceDropEmOff’s situation. Here are some of the reactions from the streamer-related subreddit:

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