“Puppet” Tommy Fury only pretends to be a tough fighter to live up to family legacy


Jake Paul is finally scheduled to fight Tommy Fury on February 26 in Saudi Arabia after multiple bookings fell through in the past. The duo recently faced off inside the ring during the Artur Beterbiev vs. Anthony Yarde fight on Saturday in London.

Fury comes from a long line of Gypsy boxers and is the half-brother of heavyweight world champion Tyson Fury. According to ‘The Problem Child’, the younger Fury is the family puppet and is only fighting to live up to the legacy. Paul said in a recent press conference:

“I think he’s a big talker. I think he’s a big talker but I don’t think he believes the things that he’s saying. He’s the Fury family puppet. Tyson and John both were real fighters, real boxers, real dogs and Tommy feels like he has to live up to that so he is saying the things that they say.”

Catch Jake Paul’s comments below:


Paul put a finger on Fury’s cheek during their London face-off before security intervened. The duo eventually managed to have a face-off without untoward occurrences, although the banter between them continued non-stop.

Jake Paul vs. Tommy Fury: ‘The Problem Child’ has his doubts

Tommy Fury has been booked twice against Jake Paul in the past with both matchups falling through. Hence, Paul’s skepticism regarding the third booking is certainly justified.

While ‘The Problem Child’ has his doubts, he believes Fury would be “dumb” to turn down the payday that he is offering. Also referring to Fury’s relationship with with social media influencer Molly-Mae Hague, Paul said in the aforementioned presser:

“A part of me definitely still doubts. It’s scary and it’s annoying, and the kid’s not necessarily reliable but the money’s good, for him, so he would be just so dumb. I think he’s probably tired of Molly making all the money in the relationship.”

If Tommy Fury pulls out a third time, Jake Paul has also arranged for a backup: former UFC fighter and BKFC star Mike Perry.

Paul’s contract with Fury will also reportedly facilitate an immediate rematch if ‘The Problem Child’ loses.

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