Rivaldo FUT Birthday Icon SBC: FIFA 23 Rivaldo FUT Birthday Icon SBC


FIFA 23 players are ecstatic as the Rivaldo FUT Birthday Icon SBC is now live on Ultimate Team. This is the first instance of an icon card being added as a Squad Building Challenge in the game, bringing a wonderful opportunity for the players. The Brazilian also adds to the eight legends released yesterday as part of Team 1. Unlike those names, this one presents a better opportunity.

There’s no dependence on luck, as no packs have to be opened to get this special card. Everyone will need to complete the assigned tasks within the allotted time to unlock the unique item and strengthen their teams.

Let’s look at the tasks from the Rivaldo FUT Birthday Icon SBC. This will allow FIFA 23 players to estimate the coins required for the fodder.

The Rivaldo FUT Birthday Icon SBC is a unique opportunity for FIFA 23 players

As mentioned above, Rivaldo is the only FUT Birthday icon released as an SBC reward. It’s highly unlikely there will be another such option in the coming days, making the current proposition unique. EA Sports has kept eight tasks as part of the Rivaldo FUT Birthday Icon SBC.

To unlock the legendary card, FIFA 23 players must complete all eight tasks according to their assigned conditions.

Born Legend

  • Exactly 11 Players: Rare
  • Player Quality: Exactly Bronze

Rising Star

  • Exactly 11 Players: Rare
  • Player Quality: Exactly Silver


  • Min. 1 Player from Brazil
  • Min. Team Rating: 84

Top Notch

  • Min. 1 Players: Team of the Week OR FUT Champions
  • Min. Team Rating: 87


  • Min. 1 Player from Barcelona
  • Min. Team Rating: 88

League Finesse

  • Min. 1 Player from Serie A
  • Min. Team Rating: 88

League Legend

  • Min. 1 Player from LaLiga
  • Min. Team Rating: 89

89 Rated Squad

All tasks require 11 cards each, so FIFA 23 players will need plenty of fodder to complete the Rivaldo FUT Birthday Icon SBC. One will have to spend around 1,400,000 FUT coins if they get all the fodder from the market. However, there’s an alternative way to complete this SBC for less.


Since the Rivaldo FUT Birthday Icon SBC is live until June 25, players have time to get the required fodder. Between now and the expiry date, a lot of resource item challenges will allow one to get some of the cards needed to complete the challenge. They can also grind the game modes for the weekly rewards, providing them with more cards for this purpose.

The main reward involves a 93-rated LW card that can be played in several positions. This is Rivaldo’s best version in FIFA 23 and justifies its cost to a large extent. That said, the smart decision will be to take a patient approach and complete it with fodder from someone’s collection.

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