Royal Rumble: WWE has made plans for Uncle Howdy at The Royal Rumble


Uncle Howdy has appeared on both WWE RAW and SmackDown in recent weeks as part of storylines with both Alexa Bliss and Bray Wyatt. It comes as no surprise that the company now has plans for him to be part of tonight’s Royal Rumble event.

According to a report by Fightful Select, Bo Dallas is already in town even though he is yet to be unveiled as the man behind the mask, but there is a belief that Wyatt’s real-life brother has been under the disguise all along.

It was also noted that Uncle Howdy’s costumes had been sent to the arena in Texas, which proves that he will be part of the show. As of writing, it’s unclear what role he will play and if he will finally be unmasked after several months of haunting both Bray and Alexa.

Whose side is Uncle Howdy really on in WWE?

There have been a lot of theories about Uncle Howdy since he made his debut last year and many believe that he wants what is best for Wyatt which is why he’s pushing him into becoming The Fiend once again.

Alexa Bliss was a huge part of his Fiend character and could be the reason why she has been targeted by Howdy in recent weeks. More will become clear regarding Howdy’s reasoning on the Road to WrestleMania since there is currently a rumor that Wyatt could face his own uncle at the biggest event of the year.

The two men have crossed paths several times, most recently a few weeks ago when Howdy hit Wyatt with his own Sister Abigail finisher on an episode of SmackDown.

Do you think Uncle Howdy will be the difference-maker at tonight’s WWE Royal Rumble event? Share your thoughts in the comments section below…

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