Royals Who Have Tattoos and the Meanings Behind Them

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King George V reportedly got a tattoo of a dragon on one arm and a tiger on the other while serving in the Royal Navy in 1881.

King George V

A portrait of King George V in 1911.

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According to My London, George wrote about getting inked as a young prince in diary entries that were shown at a Buckingham Palace exhibition in 2019.

“We have spent a very pleasant week on shore up at Nara & Kioto, we saw a great deal in the time but we were not long enough, it was too hurried,” he wrote in one entry, according to My London. 

“Nearly every body on board has been tattooed. I have got a dragon on one arm done at Tokio & a tiger on the other arm done at Kioto,” he added.

He chose the designs to signify the East and the West, according to Mail Online.

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