Shashi Tharoor Schools Hindi Rashtravadis Over Government Website Gaffe

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Shashi Tharoor Schools 'Hindi Rashtravadis' Over Government Website Gaffe

Shashi Tharoor shaed a purported screenshot of the poll on Twitter.

New Delhi:

Congress leader Shashi Tharoor today shared an image of a poll run by a government website that apparently had spelt the names of Kerala and Tamil Nadu incorrectly. The poll, run on, asked users to vote for their favourite tableau at this year’s Republic Day parade.

Sharing a purported screenshot of the poll, Mr Tharoor tweeted, “All of us Dakshin Bharatvasis would be grateful if the Hindi Rashtravadis running could kindly take the trouble to learn the names of our states. Please!? (sic)”

In the screenshot, Kerala has been spelt as Kerela, while Tamil Nadu was spelt as Tamil Naidu.

The website currently has the correct spellings of both states.

Within minutes of being shared, the Thiruvananthapuram MP’s tweet went viral and has already being viewed by over 110k users.

MyGov was launched by the government in 2014 with an aim to increase participation of citizens in the country’s governance.

The Republic Day celebrations came to an formal end today with the Beating The Retreat ceremony held at the Vijay Chowk in Delhi. A drone show, though, had to be called off due to the inclement weather.

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