Solve a ‘Glass Onion’ Inspired Murder Mystery at…Wait Is that a Zillow Listing for Miles Bron’s House?!


Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (2022). (L-R) Edward Norton as Miles, Madelyn Cline as Whiskey, and Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc. Cr. John Wilson/Netflix © 2022.

There are many of us who find it soothing to see how the insanely rich scroll live their lives. Meaning that you scroll through Zillow for houses that you can’t afford because sometimes you just want to see what people are spending money for. And now it’s been made so much worse by a new “listing” for a house you might recognize (and maybe want to go to to solve a murder mystery!).

As you’re wistfully scrolling through Zillow, you suddenly see a house you recognize. Or at least that’s what this sneaky little ad for Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery did. A new Zillow listing dropped that looked like the home of Miles Bron and honestly, seeing how much it is, even as a joke, is so aggressively obscene that it makes Edward Norton’s Miles Bron even more insufferable as a rich billionaire.

The listing was posted by the Knives Out Twitter account and is truly one of those moments when for a split second I thought this was real until I scrolled through the listing to see it labeled as a paid ad from Netflix. Still, I’d maybe consider going to a place like this if it meant I could live out my Knives Out fantasies. Can I go to that house from Knives Out too?

For a split second, this did feel like a real thing and that was going to prove just how many people have too much money to spend. And so obviously this is not a real house you can go to and the Zillow listing is a bit to promote the movie dropping on Netflix but let’s talk a little bit about why Miles Bron’s house is interesting.

Who would want to go to this commune though?

So the allure of Bron’s house in Glass Onion comes with all the characters we’re meeting going through a global pandemic. Yes, that one. They all get the invite to come to Bron’s home and are maybe (?) vaccinated before going there by Miles’ assistant, Ethan Hawke. But the draw to this house was that it was big, beautiful, and seemingly free from COVID so everyone could hang out and have a stress-free time.

Realistically, who wouldn’t want to jet off to this place, completely free of charge? It’s an oasis that seems entirely perfect—aside from all the murder. If you’ve seen the movie, you know there is more to it than that but hey, for now, this could have been a perfect little getaway home, if you have millions of dollars to waste. For now, we can just look at this fake Zillow listing and dream that it could be real.

Maybe it will be on AirBnB and we can all make the mistake that the characters in Glass Onion do and try to go to this random island just to get away from everyone. Maybe just don’t play a murder mystery game there? Or maybe do, whatever your heart desires.

(featured image: Netflix)

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