Steph Curry gives heartwarming account of Klay Thompson’s growth


Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry praised Klay Thompson in his recent appearance on “Dubs Talk”. While speaking of Thompson’s evolution as a player since his injury, Curry shared a heartfelt account of watching Klay return to form.

Klay Thompson has been an essential cog in the Warriors’ machinery for a long time. Having played a vital role in the prime championship years, Thompson established himself as the ideal running mate for Steph Curry.

Unfortunately, the star shooting guard lost a lot of time due to recurring season-ending injuries. His rehabilitation and return to the floor was also delayed because of this.

However, since making his return last season, Thompson has gradually settled back into a flow. Having been key to Golden State’s championship run last season, the guard continues to improve and take over as a pillar of support for the Warriors.

Klay Thompson has had a particularly impressive stretch of games recently. With a hot shooting hand, the Warriors guard went off for 38 points during the team’s matchup against the Phoenix Suns on Monday.

Steph Curry has been particularly ecstatic watching Thompson return to familiar form. Curry, who is also coming off an injury, shared his thoughts on seeing Klay regain his form. He said:

“I think it’s the human experience. It’s beautiful to watch. We all have such high expectations for ourselves and nobody really understands what Klay went through for those two years and how far away the game felt to him. The lowest of lows.

“The work that he put in to get back. I mean, I was out four weeks and I had so much adrenaline your first game back. “

Steph also highlighted the efforts Klay has taken to constantly adapt and make up for what he has been lacking. Curry then brought attention to how vital Thompson had been in the absence of several key players. He said:

“Klay especially has carried us through that stretch. With the way he’s been playing and the amount of games we win, it’s just been great to watch the evolution of Klay throughout all these different experiences.”

Thompson’s resurgence has been something the Warriors have benefitted from greatly. As the guard continues to stay fit, Golden State will also hope to see his counterpart remain healthy as they mount a playoff run.

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson must stay healthy

The Golden State Warriors have made a rather impressive rise up the Western Conference ladder considering where they were at the start of the season. However, with only a few games left before the playoffs, the Dubs need to be more careful with their stars.

Steph Curry and Klay Thompson in particular need to stay healthy. While the Dubs have a potent scoring option in Jordan Poole, what Curry and Thompson bring to the table on a nightly basis could shift the tides in their favor in a series.

Considering that Andrew Wiggins will remain out indefinitely, the Warriors need every available asset at their disposal moving forward. Given that they still aren’t clear from being relegated to the Play-in, the Dubs will remain focused on securing as many wins as possible.

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