Still Want More Oscar Buzz? Head to Sundance


When the Oscar nominations 2023 were announced on Tuesday, a good number of them—from Bill Nighy’s best actor-nominated turn in Living to the documentary nominees Fire of Love and A House Made of Splinters—were titles we’d been talking about for nearly a year. That’s because the Sundance Film Festival remains a voluble launchpad for the kind of titles that will really linger in the awards conversation, hanging in there even after the larger and flashier titles of the fall festivals have come and gone. 

So, want to hear year-ahead awards predictions that are at least somewhat based on reality? On this week’s Little Gold Men podcast, Richard Lawson—who has been on the ground in Park City since Sundance began—catches up with David Canfield and Rebecca Ford, who have been experiencing the festival virtually. They share some of the highlights of the festival, like John Carney’s Flora and Son and Celine Song’s Past Lives, and speculate on how they might land with audiences outside of the famously ebullient Sundance crowd. For some, we won’t have to wait long to find out; Past Lives is headed to the Berlin Film Festival next month, and Midnight title Infinity Pool opens in theaters this weekend. 

The podcast also includes a conversation between Katey Rich and returning guest Joe Reid, who crunched the numbers of this year’s Oscar nominees to find some fascinating stats. Cate Blanchett isn’t just on her way to tying Bette Davis’s number of Oscar nominations (10), but she’s surpassed Meryl Streep’s very specific record by being nominated five times for playing the title character in a movie. And with 16 first-time nominees, this year’s acting group ties a record set back in 1967; even more remarkably, maybe, is that all five best-actor nominees are first-timers, which hasn’t happened since 1935, the year Clark Gable got his first nod. 

Listen to this week’s episode above, and find Little Gold Men on Apple Podcasts or anywhere else you get your podcasts. For more on this year’s Oscar nominees, catch up on our initial reaction episode from Tuesday. 

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