Tears for Joseph Ossai but Bengals HC Zac Taylor offers solace after agonizing defeat to Patrick Mahomes’ Chiefs 


Cincinnati Bengals DE Joseph Ossai was reduced to tears after their agonizing defeat to Patrick Mahomes’ Kansas City Chiefs at Arrowhead Stadium. With the win, the Chiefs advanced to Super Bowl LVII.

Some attention, however, turned to Ossai toward the end of the game.

On the final snap, Mahomes scrambled on third-and-4 with Joseph Ossai in hot pursuit. The Bengals DE then proceeded to hit Mahomes, who was pushed out of bounds and tumbled onto the bench.

Let’s remember Joseph Ossai is 22 years old. He made a mistake. I feel awful for him. He will be haunted by this for the rest of his life. He needs support from teammates and fans. If we care about the mental health of pro athletes, this is a great chance to prove it.

The play was flagged for a 15-yard penalty, allowing Chiefs kicker Harrison Butker to seal the win with a 45-yard game-winning field goal.

With that, the Chiefs advanced to the Super Bowl where they will face the Philadelphia Eagles.

Ossai broke down on the bench after the Bengals’ loss, visibly distraught.

“That’s not the only one,” quarterback Joe Burrow said, in response to what cost them the game.

Zac Taylor on Ossai play: “It’s tough. One play. Didn’t come down to that.”

Head coach Zac Taylor also had his say on Ossai’s late play:

“It’s tough. One play. Didn’t come down to that.”

Joseph Ossai’s post-game reaction invites sympathy

After the game, Ossai was asked about the very same play.

The Bengals DE said:

“I gotta learn from experience and I gotta know not to get close to that quarterback when he’s close to the sideline if it’s anything that could possibly cause a penalty.”

Bengals DE Joseph Ossai on players coming up to him after the penalty at the end of the game. https://t.co/FACSgmOJrG

Ossai’s teammate Jermaine Pratt, however, took a different route.

Jermaine Pratt visibly upset with the ending of that game- particularly with the roughing the passer on Joseph Ossai that got the Chiefs in comfortable FG range to win the game #bengals #AFCChampionshipGame https://t.co/02JR77QgG7

“Why the f–k would you even touch the quarterback?” Pratt was reportedly heard saying on his way to the locker room.

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