The 2024 Executive Power Survey


2024 Executive Power Survey

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Wrapping Up

Legal Advisers: Who are your campaign’s advisers for legal issues?

Candor about executive power: Do you think it is important in the American system of democracy for would-be presidents to answer questions like these before voters decide whom to entrust with the office? What should voters conclude about any of your rivals who are unwilling or unable to answer them?

Headshot of Joe Biden

In the coming months, my campaign will provide information about our advisers, including legal experts.

Yes, it is important for candidates to answer these critical constitutional questions. Sharing priorities of my administration and vision for the next term with voters is what campaigning is all about.

Headshot of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

These are my answers. I have no comment on other candidates or their responses or lack thereof. I am happy to discuss these answers with The N.Y.T. and to answer any further questions relating to how I see Article 1 and Article 2 constitutional responsibilities, and coordinate and cooperative exercises of power.

Headshot of Marianne Williamson

Various. Yes, I think such questions are appropriate. Transparency is important.

Headshot of Asa Hutchinson

Yes. That is for the voters to decide, but the media has a role here. It should focus more on the issues that actually matter to Americans and ask candidates tough questions that require thoughtful responses (like the questions detailed in this survey). It also has a responsibility to hold candidates’ feet to the fire, to ensure they are giving the American people straightforward and honest answers, so the voters can make informed decisions about which candidate they believe would be best to lead America.

Headshot of Mike Pence

Candidates should submit themselves to public scrutiny, including debates, as an important part of the democratic process. The American people deserve to know who they are voting for.

Headshot of Francis Suarez

As an attorney, I consult a broad array of legal practitioners and legal scholars. Any disclosure will be made at the appropriate time and place of the campaign.

I believe that all of us — including the news media — should promote thoughtful, substantive debate on these vital public issues.

Headshot of Doug Burgum

Has not responded to this question.

Headshot of Chris Christie

Has not responded to this question.

Headshot of Ron DeSantis

Has not responded to this question.

Headshot of Nikki Haley

Has not responded to this question.

Headshot of Will Hurd

Will Hurd

Former United States representative

Has not responded to this question.

Headshot of Vivek Ramaswamy

Has not responded to this question.

Headshot of Tim Scott

Has not responded to this question.

Headshot of Donald J. Trump

Has not responded to this question.

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