The 3 Best Pizza Peels in 2023

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Whether you have a dedicated pizza oven or just bought a pizza stone, you’ll need a peel to make great pizza. Also known as “baking peels,” these paddle-like devices are indispensable tools for moving pizzas easily from the counter to the oven and back again. 

I’ve been making pizza at home for more than 30 years, and have created more than a dozen pizza recipes for home bakers, in magazines such as Cook’s Illustrated or my own bread- and pizza-instruction newsletter, Wordloaf. This means I’ve literally made thousands of pizzas in my day, so I know what works (and doesn’t work) when it comes to pizza-making tools. And I have strong opinions about pizza peels, all the more so now that I’ve tested the current crop available. 

For this guide, I tested five peels, focusing mainly on pizza, using each to load and unload multiple thin-crust pies from my oven. I also used them to load and unload loaves of bread, since peels are supremely useful for baking bread and even pastries. While ergonomics and durability were always on my mind, I tried to answer one main question: Could I get the pizzas in and out of the oven without disaster? You can learn more about my testing methodology below. Learn more about how Insider Reviews tests and researches kitchen products.

Here are the best pizza peels of 2023

Best pizza peel overall: New Star Foodservice 50295 Restaurant-Grade Wooden Pizza Peel
The New Star Foodservice Restaurant-Grade Wooden Pizza Peel is inexpensive, lightweight, wide enough to accommodate the average pizza, and has a raw wood surface to help prevent the uncooked pizza from sticking. 

Best innovative pizza peel: EXO Non-Stick Super Peel Pro Composite
The EXO Non-Stick Super Peel Pro Composite is the ultimate “pizza-lovers” pizza peel, at least when it comes to loading pizza (and bread) into the oven, since its unique design works like a conveyor belt to move the product from the counter to the baking stone without sticking.

Best metal pizza peel: American Metalcraft 3016 Extra Large Blade Pizza Peel
The American Metalcraft 3016 Extra Large Blade Pizza Peel is an inexpensive, durable, and lightweight aluminum peel — the best option when it comes to removing pizza and bread from the oven. 

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