“The Best Thing About Pathaan Is Jim”

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Shah Rukh Khan And John Abraham's Pathaan Bromance IRL: 'The Best Thing About Pathaan Is Jim'

John Abraham and SRK at the event.

New Delhi:

Onscreen foes and off-screen friends – Shah Rukh Khan and John Abraham were all praises for each other during a much-awaited press conference of Pathaan on Monday. John Abraham, who played the antagonist Jim in the film is the “backbone of Pathaan,” said Shah Rukh Khan during the event. “I genuinely feel that the backbone and the best thing about Pathaan is Jim, played by John. John ho picture me lo toh kapdon ka kharcha bhi kam aata hai, (when John is in the film, the cost of clothing is also less),” joked SRK.

He added, “To play a bad guy and to be rightly bad an take a cynical point.” He recalled how John helped him during the action sequences and her said, “Secondly, I know very little action but in the motorcycle sequences, he was so kind to me. He just wanted me to be correct and not get hurt.”

During the course of the session, SRK also joked that John Abraham “eats pasta all day.” SRK said, “He eats pasta all day that tastes like 20 year old cardboard.”

John Abraham summed up his experience of working with SRK with these words: “I got to work with Shah Rukh for the first time. I don’t think he is an actor anymore he is an emotion. It is wonderful to have Shah Rukh back like this after 4 years. Earlier I felt like I was an action hero, but I think Shah Rukh Khan today is the number 1 action hero of the country. It’s going to be my biggest hit for a long time.”

Pathaan, also starring Deepika Padukone, released in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu on January 25, 2023. The film has been directed by Siddharth Anand and it has been produced by Yash Raj Films. The film has managed to collect Rs 542 crore within 5 days of its release.

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