The Surprising Origins of Common Christmas Traditions

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Drinking eggnog, which is particularly popular in North America, might have roots in medieval times, too.


A glass of eggnog.

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It’s debated where eggnog — which traditionally consists of milk, cream, sugar, eggs, spices, and rum, bourbon, or brandy — got its start, but many culinary historians agree it originated from a warm, milky drink in medieval Britan called posset, Time reported. Much like today’s eggnog, it was made of eggs, sugar, milk, and alcohol, but the ingedients were expensive so it was saved for special occasions and mostly enjoyed by the wealthy.

It found its way to America, where families on farms had access to milk and eggs. George Washington was also a fan and served a booze-packed version of the drink that featured sherry, rum, and rye whiskey to visitors at Mount Vernon, according to PBS.

Other countries have their own versions: In Mexico, there’s a vanilla-flavored drink called rompope, while Puerto Ricans enjoy coquito. Insider’s Maria Noyen shared her family’s coquito recipe, which uses condensed, evaporated, and coconut milk and is served cold, calling it “way better” than eggnog.

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