Things You Should Never Order From UK Fast-Food Restaurants

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The McDonald’s triple cheeseburger fails to improve upon an already perfect formula.

Close-up of a McDonald's Double Cheeseburger

A McDonald’s double cheeseburger.

Food Wars/Insider

Pound-for-pound, I struggle to name a better burger than the McDonald’s double cheeseburger. Everything about it is perfect; the ratio of bread to fillings. The balance of flavors between the meat, cheese, pickles, and sauce. The bargain price of just £1.99, or around $2.50.

Unfortunately, the triple cheeseburger flies too close to the sun. The addition of the extra beef patty and slice of cheese without any change to the amount of sauce and toppings throws the ratio off, meaning bites become dense and dry.

If you’re really that hungry, order a double cheeseburger and a single cheeseburger on the side, enjoying them just as Ronald intended.

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