Top Trending Cities in 2022 and Where to Travel Instead in 2023

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In 2022, travelers searched for some of the world’s most-crowded destinations. In 2023, skip these tourist hotspots and for more off-the-beaten-path destinations, instead.

A tourist explores tourist exploring Khao Sok National Park in Thailand.

A tourist explores tourist exploring Khao Sok National Park in Thailand.

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In 2022, there was a resurgence in travel. As reported by Forbes, borders reopened; travel agents became overwhelmed with new clients, according to Insider; and American baby boomers led a wave of vacations to destinations like Italy and the UK, according to The Colombian.

Additionally, news outlets around the globe reported on “revenge travel,” or the urgency to travel and make up for lost vacations during the pandemic. 

Even before this surge in travel demand, destinations across the globe experienced over-tourism. As Insider previously reported, an influx of tourists in select cities can be detrimental to the destination. Places like Amsterdam, Venice, Bali, and Barcelona have struggled with too many tourists, Condé Nast Traveler reports, and Insider found over-tourism often has a negative impact on the environment, a place’s cultural landmarks, and the people living in those destinations. 

However, many of those cities were also the top-searched-for destinations by would-be travelers in 2022, according to Google’s Destination Insights. Google’s report revealed the most-searched-for destinations based on search volume between January and December of 2022, and the results include many cities that can be crowded and over-visited.

Here are the 10 most-searched-for destinations based on Google’s findings, and where travelers may visit instead for a more under-the-radar, crowd-free vacation in 2023.

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