Tourists Drive On Karnataka Cable Bridge, Locals Force Them Back

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Days after Gujarat tragedy, tourists seen taking a car on a Karnataka cable bridge


Some tourists took a car on a small suspension bridge over a river in Karnataka, just two days after a cable bridge in Gujarat snapped due to a huge rush of people. The locals confronted the tourists and forced them to remove the car immediately as the weight could affect the structural integrity of the narrow cable bridge.

A video of the incident shows the tourists, oblivious to the danger, arguing with the protesting locals that they would still drive the car, a Maruti Suzuki 800.

Eventually, two men pushed the car slowly towards one of the two exits of the bridge. The structure sways as the men moved slowly. A large group of people are also seen on the bridge, standing behind the car.

The structure, called Shivapura hanging bridge, is at a popular tourist hotspot in Yellapura town in Karnataka’s Uttara Kannada district. The locals said the tourists were from Maharashtra.

The police said they are looking into the matter and would consider filing a case.

In the Gujarat cable bridge tragedy, the state’s forensics team found that the century-old structure snapped due to a big rush of people, which put severe stress on the structure. The bridge had been under renovation for the last seven months. It was reopened on October 26, the Gujarati New Year. Sources have said the renovator company did not change some of the old cables of the bridge.

Old videos taken at different times show dozens of people running and jumping on the Gujarat cable bridge in a bid to sway it for fun.

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