Trump tax returns: Panel discussing possible release

USA News

  • The House Committee could vote to release Trump’s tax returns or a summary or not to release them.
  • Republicans have warned releasing them could jeopardize the privacy of every American’s taxes.
  • Democrats have argued the tax returns could help guide lawmakers in writing tax legislation.

A key House panel met Tuesday afternoon to discuss releasing Donald Trump’s tax returns, a move Republicans warned could jeopardize the privacy of every American’s taxes but that Democrats argue could help guide tax law-making. 

The House Ways and Means Committee, led by Rep. Richard Neal, D-Mass., got the returns from the Treasury Department a few weeks ago after a years-long legal battle. He first asked the IRS in 2019 for copies of six years of Trump’s personal returns as well as those for his companies and a revocable trust.

Neal has had little to say publicly about the potential release of Trump’s taxes, but scheduled the meeting Tuesday, when members of the Democrat-led committee will decide what to do.

The committee met briefly before it closed the meeting to the public. 

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