UK Man Turns Dilapidated Water Tower Into a Modern Home: Photos

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Hunt says he plans to sell the house next summer, but he’s not ready to settle for just any offer.

The exterior of the completed water tank.

The exterior of the completed water tower home.

Robert Hunt

To fund this project, Hunt sold his original home and his rentals and borrowed money from his parents. He plans to use the profits from the sale of the water tower home to repay his parents and start a new project, he added.

“It could be anything, again, something with potential. I do like it to be a bit different but I’ll never really match this one. This is a big, big project,” Hunt said.

The house is located in Clovelly Cross in Devon. The nearest town, Bideford, is 15 minutes away by car, per Google Maps

Hunt expects the buyer to be a city person who’s looking to move to the countryside or someone who is looking for a second home.

While he says that the property has been valued by two separate agents at over £1.8 million, he’s looking for more.

“I wouldn’t really want to sell it for less than £2 million, to be honest,” he added.

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