Video Of Bride’s Energetic Dance On Stage Goes Viral

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Video Of Bride's Energetic Dance On Stage Goes Viral

In the video, the bride is seen dancing to the song ‘Palki Pe Hoke’.

We often come across funny and viral videos on social media. Recently, one such hilarious video of a bride dancing on stage while the groom standing next to her couldn’t control his laughter is gaining traction on social media. The clip was shared on Instagram last month and since then it has accumulated over six million views and more than 130,000 likes. 

The short video opens to show the bride and groom standing on stage. As soon as a song starts playing in the background and little children start grooving to it, the bride is seen joining the little kids without any hesitation. Seconds later, she is also seen holding the groom’s hand and asking him to dance with her, but, he politely refuses. 

Watch the video below: 

In the video, the bride is seen dancing to the song ‘Palki Pe Hoke’. She is dressed in a stunning bright red lehenga, while the groom is seen wearing a white suit-pant. In the clip, he is seen watching the bride with a wide smile. 

Internet users flooded the comment section with all kinds of reactions. “The bride is looking very happy,” wrote one user. “Beautiful couple… May God keep both of them happy like this,” said another. 

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Meanwhile, previously a video of a bride showing off her incredible flexibility on stage had taken the internet by storm. The video was posted on Instagram by user Prachi Tomar. At first, it showed the bride putting a garland around the groom’s neck. But just as the groom decided to do the same, the bride bent back in an arch that too in a heavy bridal lehenga. 

The video amassed 1.7 million views with 1,44,000 views and several comments. The internet was amazed by the bride’s act. “Bride is giving Matrix movie effect,” wrote one user. 

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