Viral Photo Shows Garbage Inside Vande Bharat Express Train

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'We The People': Viral Photo Shows Garbage Inside Vande Bharat Express

The image shows garbage strewn on the floor of the coach.

New Delhi:

A photograph that shows garbage strewn on the floor of a coach of a Vande Bharat Express train has been doing rounds on the Internet.

In the picture, shared by Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officer Awanish Sharan on Twitter, empty bottles, used food containers, and plastic bags are seen scattered inside the train. A worker is also spotted holding a broom to clean the floor. “We the people,” the caption read.

The post drew several reactions on the platform. “Sir, in our country people don’t know their duty but surely know their right. Instead people should start steps towards there self contribution for cleanliness,” a user wrote.

Many condemned the littering inside the express train.

“We keep asking for better facilities and good infrastructure but people in our country don’t know how to keep it clean and take care of it,” a comment read.  

Another user said, “So sad to see this”.

Some users urged everyone to help keep the country clean.

“Unless we understand responsibility nothing will change. People have to understand how to keep nation healthy,” a person wrote.

“No matter which train it is, all these are normal,” a comment read.

A user stressed, “Development is of no use until we ourselves develop a basic civic sense. Be a responsible citizen!”

One person reacted, “Very unfortunate”.

Some suggested measures to solve the long-standing problem.

“Can’t we bring our own bottles? So that we can avoid tons of plastic usage,” a user wrote.

Earlier this month, the railways had appealed to passengers to maintain cleanliness inside trains after trash was found lying inside the Secunderabad-Visakhapatnam Vande Bharat express. The railways said that when the train reached Visakhapatnam, the coaches were very dirty even as the onboard housekeeping staff cleaned it regularly.

“Cleanliness is the act of keeping yourself and your surroundings clean. Citizens are too responsible for keeping their premises clean and it is our property,” Divisional Railway Manager Anup Satpathy, Waltair Division, told news agency ANI.  

“The attitude and mindset needed to be changed. Our motto of Swachch Rail-Swachch Bharat cannot be fulfilled with such comportment. Cooperate with Railways to serve you better. Don’t be bitter. Stop the litter,” he added.

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