Watch: Adorable Viral Video Of Monkey Teaching Its Child Not To Take Food From Strangers

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Videos of monkeys doing funny antics have been an all-time favourite on the internet. And most of the time, they come with a foodie spin to them. Recently, we came across a video in which a monkey was seen teaching its kid to not take food items from strangers. Haven’t we all received a similar life lesson as kids? The oh-so-relatable video, shared on January 22, has gone viral on the internet and is captioned, “Monkey teaches her baby not to accept food from strangers.” The video opens with a stranger offering fruit to a baby monkey, who visibly jumps to the opportunity.

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A few moments later, its mother intervenes and prevents the baby from eating the sweet treat. Not to miss how engrossed she was in relishing the mangoes. The baby monkey once again attempted to get hold of the fruit, offered by the stranger, but failed. However, its third attempt was quite effective as the infant was able to take a bite of the fruit. But the mother, by this time, was visibly annoyed as she once again dragged her baby away and also displayed her anger towards the stranger. Watch the clip here:

The video has so far clocked 1.4 million views and has left Twitter users in splits. While many opined that the mother should have lent some of her food to the baby, some were busy taking a trip down memory lane.  A user said, “It will never learn, you can’t be telling me not to accept strangers’ food when you are eating all the food and leaving me none. I’m the baby here.”

“At least give the baby monkey your own food if you don’t want them to receive food from strangers lol,” read another comment. 

For some, the clip was a “perfect balance between the curiosity of the baby, love of the mother & kindness of the person.”

Here is an apt title for the video, “Stranger Danger.”

Many users found the video “cute” and lauded the “smart” mother for her actions. 

A person said it for all of us. “I watched this and remembered my mom used to hate when we took food from strangers,” the tweet read. 

Are you relating to the baby monkey?

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