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Aston Martin has taken a shot at the likes of McLaren and Alpine as they bid to join the F1 frontrunners. Speaking to motorsport-total, team boss Mike Krack talked about how the team’s ambitions are far more serious than other midfield teams.

The Aston Martin boss said that other midfield teams are not serious enough about fighting at the front as they have only made preposterous claims of having a three-year or a 100-race plan to reach the front.

These are references to McLaren‘s Zak Brown saying that the team will be fighting for wins in 2025 and Alpine‘s Otmar Szafnaeur talking about the French team’s 100-race plan.

Krack questioned these plans, asking what these teams are doing to upgrade themselves, saying:

“We take it more seriously, and our ambitions are credible. No one in the field has made the investment to achieve that. There are teams who say yes they will win in three years, they will win in a hundred races, but what are they doing to win?”

First day in green. 💚Earlier this week, @alo_oficial made his debut at AMF1 HQ – meeting the team, spending time in the sim and having a seat fit. https://t.co/myiuMu1gho

Krack also talked about Aston Martin conducting a massive recruitment drive to poach personnel from other teams and undertaking a massive investment program to improve their infrastructure.

He added:

“With the factory, the wind tunnel, the new simulators, we’re serious; there’s a huge investment behind it. That’s why it was clear to Fernando (Alonso) so quickly, we didn’t even have to convince him, he already knew. He has his contacts everywhere. We are credible, we don’t just talk, we act.”

Are Aston Martin’s claims valid?

To an extent, there is some validity to the claims made by Krack. While Aston Martin has been on a massive recruitment drive in the last few years and has lured people from both Red Bull and Mercedes, there is another major aspect as well: the results.

The team has been on a downward trajectory on that front, and having the team owner’s son as one of the drivers in the cockpit is not a good look. The team might be a talent-rich outfit but what it isn’t is one that produces results.

Both Alpine and McLaren are on a somewhat stable footing at the moment on that front. The two teams don’t have to make major changes, and the results should not be too far away. It will be interesting to see what method works because another team at the front is a proposition no fan would hate.

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