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Good: I never have to work on my birthday.

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How many people can say they have never worked on their birthday? I am lucky in that regard. In fact, I often get several days — or even longer — off from work. And while they are not for me, my birthday is often filled with parties and festivities. For the most part, I associate my birthday day with fun and happiness. Not bad, huh?

Bad: People learning about my birthday.

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Every time I tell somebody my birth date or they look at my ID, I get the same reaction. They immediately look up and exclaim some variation of, “You’re a Christmas baby! That must suck.”

Good: Nobody ever forgets my birthday.

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On the other hand, my family and friends never forget my birthday. While it may be the rarest of birthdays, it is also the easiest to remember. 

Bad: OK, my 21st birthday was kinda lame.

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Most college kids have a big celebration on their 21st birthday. For me, there was no going to the bars to celebrate with my friends. Instead, I was home with my family, a glass of wine, some board games, and in bed early.

Bad: Jealous siblings and cousins.

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It didn’t matter if I got more presents in the long run or if I was really being getting screwed. My younger relatives were always jealous because I had more presents than them under the Christmas tree.

In addition, our family would have a second time of the day just for me to open birthday presents and get a cake. Now imagine you are a child on Christmas day, and there is one kid opening a bunch of gifts, and you aren’t. I remember feeling a lot of guilt at times. 

Good and bad: Everybody has jokes.

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Some are better than others. This one was pretty good. 

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