What It’s Like Living in a Tiny Home in a National Forest + Photos

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I recently made the move from Minnesota to Southern California to reside in my new tiny home.

tiny home exterior black panels

My tiny home has shown me that I can successfully live with less stuff.

Elin Schmidt

I spent a couple of years preparing to switch to tiny living, and I’m excited to be in my new space.

Living tiny is surely not without its challenges, but the lifestyle is definitely rewarding. I’m more grateful for what I have and able to prioritize what’s important to me. Plus, living tiny helps me to exist in congruence with my values of being a responsible steward of our planet.

My home was built by Escape, a Wisconsin-based company that designs and builds tiny spaces. I chose the ONE XL model for my home because it’s just under 400 square feet and has real stairs leading up to the bedroom loft.

Here’s what it’s like and how I make it work for me. 

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