Where Characters Left Off After Season 2

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Jack Ryan turns Senator Chapin into the FBI for being secretly linked to a shell company helping mine “blue gold,” an extremely valuable chemical element.

John Krasinkski as Jack Ryan

John Krasinski as Jack Ryan.

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What starts out as an investigation into whether Russia is shipping weapons to Venezuela spirals into a deeper look into the murder of Jack’s friend, Senator Jim Moreno, and the disappearance of Venezuelan presidential candidate Gloria Bonalde’s husband. 

After Jack spends the night with Harriet, an agent with Germany’s BND foreign intelligence service, the pair team up to track Max Schenkel, the former BND agent-turned-assassin who attacked Senator Moreno.

Jack also learns his friend’s death involves the mining of a valuable chemical element called tantalum, or “blue gold.” 

Jack tracks down Max in London, where the two have a showdown that is interrupted once Harriet appears. He returns to Venezuela, but President Nicolás Reyes’ men capture him and bring them to a meeting with the president, who claims to have captured Senator Moreno’s killers.

Jack, however, tells him it was Max who killed Senator Moreno. 

As anti-American protests threaten the US Embassy, Jack, Jim, and Mike head to a safe house. Concerned about his colleague’s health, Jack secretly asks a driver to take Jim to the airport, but the driver instead takes Jim to President Reyes’ head of security, who tries torturing Jim for intel before shipping him off to a prison camp. 

Upon learning Jim was captured, Jack and a CIA team set off to rescue him.

When they view the prison camp and discover Jim was relocated to the presidential palace, Jack captures the prison camp on video and sends footage of it to local news agencies. Broadcasting of the footage coincides with the revelation that the results of the presidential election were rigged in President Reyes’ favor. 

Once Jack rescues Jim, he returns to the US where he confronts his boss Senator Chapin, who owns one of the shell companies behind the tantalum mining operations.

As the FBI serves Senator Chapin a warrant, Jack walks away, his head lowered somberly. 

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