Worst 2022 Interior Decorating Trends, According to Designers

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Rooms covered in glam, glitz, and glitter are impractical.

Sparkly chandelier hanging from ceiling

Saturating a space with glam decor doesn’t show individuality.

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Glam interior-design styles create an upscale feeling through luxurious fabrics and glittering sparkly accessories. But Charles said overusing of glitz and glitter is impractical and can quickly saturate a space.

“Everything glam is a trend to accessorize a space with decorative items that are all ornate, shiny, sparkling, reflective, and jam-packed with glitter,” he said. “These decorative items were showcased in countless professionally videoed spaces, from art to vases. All of these items appear to be mass productions with no character or story.”

According to the designer, saturating a space in glitter, glitz, silver, and gold, or, as if “a fairy dust storm were taking place,” provides no individual character or quality in curation.

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