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Madison’s interview questions are all antagonistic.

journalist interviewing angelina in christmas with you

The movie really tries to emphasize that Angelina is old.


Angelina does an interview with a reporter named Madison for a press junket.

The reporter starts the interview by immediately comparing her to another singer, Cheri, who’s from the same record label.

Madison then asks if it’s difficult to stay relevant, criticizes Angelina’s latest TikTok, and points out that she’s competing with younger artists.

Every question is leading and judgemental in a way that feels very unrealistic to what an actual interview should be like.

Angelina is annoyed that she has to write a new song as part of her record deal.

angelina scowling in her apartment with platinum record in the background

She writes songs for a living.


Angelina is annoyed and even offended that her record label wants her to release a new single, even though she’s been in the music industry for decades.

She has a record deal and should expect that she has to keep creating new work to be successful.

Instead of understanding this as a reasonable part of her job, Angelina seems to blame Cheri’s success. She feels like her label is asking more from her because they have another artist who’s doing better — even though they’re only asking for one song. 

Ricardo starts recording and kissing Angelina without asking her.

ricardo holding up mistletoe and kissing angelina in the record studio in christmas with you

Angelina looks very uncomfortable in the scene.


Angelina and Ricardo broke up before the start of the film, but they’re pretending to still be dating as a publicity stunt.

When Angelina is working on her song at the studio, Ricardo walks in, already filming, and kisses her under a mistletoe he brought.

Knowing they are both in on the stunt doesn’t make the moment feel any less forced. Angelina clearly wasn’t expecting to see him and didn’t have a way to reject Ricardo in front of a rolling camera without it damaging her image.

Angelina plans on eating nothing but lettuce for a full week.

angelina prepping for a photoshoot in christmas with you

The conversations about her diet feel dated.


To prepare for the big fundraiser, Angelina mentions that she won’t be eating anything but lettuce for a full week.

Monique rolls her eyes at her, but afterward, they only discuss the new song — not any real concerns about Angelina’s alarming crash diet.

Soon after, Mo at least refuses to answer Angelina when she asks if she has a muffin top. Instead, she tells her she looks beautiful.

Barry tells Angelina she’s been replaced on a magazine cover while she’s on set for the photoshoot.

barry talking to angelina at the photoshoot in christmas with you

Even her record label seems to be aging Angelina out.


The manager of Angelina’s record label, Barry, appears on the set of the photoshoot to tell Angelina she’s been replaced.

He has her meet Cheri, who’s going on the cover instead, before telling her that the label wants to promote the younger musician.

There’s no reason why Barry couldn’t have told her this before the day of. It makes the entire interaction feel cruel and frustrating to watch.

Cristina is geotagging location information in public Instagram posts.

cristina singing in an instagram video in christmas with you

As a high schooler, she should probably practice better internet safety.


Angelina is able to easily find Cristina’s school because she geotagged it in her Instagram video.

It’s not exactly safe for a teenager to be sharing such private information on social media. 

Her father, Miguel, later mentions that those videos are just meant to be for Cristina’s friends, showing that he apparently didn’t realize his child’s posts were publicly available — let alone tagged with a location.

The school principal allows Angelina to come in and meet a student without checking that it’s OK with Miguel first.

angelina sitting in the high school principals office in christmas with you

Angelina just kind of barges into the high school.


Miguel is just as surprised as Cristina when the principal calls them to the office to meet Angelina.

The principal went to the trouble of bringing Miguel to the office, but she didn’t check with him first if it was OK for his underage daughter to randomly meet a pop star.

Most of the conversation during the first dinner scene again focuses on Angelina’s weight.

everyone sitting at the dinner table in christmas with you

There are way too many comments about Angelina’s weight and body.


When Angelina eats dinner with Miguel’s family for the first time, she insists on only eating beans so that she can fit into her dress for the gala.

She calls it a “necessary evil of showbiz” shortly before Cristina’s grandmother says that she’s “too skinny” for Ricardo.

Cristina is also there the entire time, listening to her idol conflate skinniness with success. 

The fixation on Angelina’s weight, unfortunately, ruins what could have been a sweet dinner scene.

Angelina blurts out a song lyric in the middle of an intimate moment with Miguel.

miguel looking shocked in christmas with you

It seemed like they were really having a moment.


Miguel and Angelina go to a holiday light display to help them get out of a rut while working on their song.

The two share a sweet moment together that is broken by Angelina busting out, “I’ve tried to hide this love inside.” 

She explains that this should be the next line of the song, but she blurts it out during what could’ve been their first kiss. It doesn’t necessarily feel like a strong enough lyric to justify ruining the moment.

Ricardo arrives and literally laughs at the idea of Angelina and Miguel writing a song.

ricardo entering miguel's house in christmas with you

Miguel is a pretty talented musician even if he’s not famous.


Ricardo manages to find the exact house Angelina is staying at after she was tagged in an Instagram photo from Cristina’s aunt — apparently, everyone in the family could benefit from an internet-safety lesson.

He rudely barges into Miguel’s home and insists that he and Angelina leave “the fans” and return to the city.

When Angelina explains that she and Miguel are working on a song together, Ricardo laughs in their faces, insults Miguel, and leaves.

Angelina lies to Ricardo about wanting to stay a fake couple.

angelina talking to ricardo

Angelina does a lot of questionable things to boost her following.


From the very beginning of the film, Angelina says she wants to make their breakup official.

But when Ricardo directly asks Angelina if they should publicly end things, she chooses to stay with him.

She’s clearly only doing this to continue boosting her followers, which makes it even more uncomfortable to watch. 

Angelina lies to Miguel about her feelings for him.

angelina talking in christmas with you

No one is communicating clearly.


Angelina wants Miguel to drop his current job and come tour with her to perform their one song together.

But when Miguel asks her to admit that she has feelings for him first, she lies and says she only cares about the song.

Despite rom-coms being notorious for their third-act fight, this is extremely frustrating to watch. It feels particularly pointless since Angelina ends up confessing her feelings a few minutes later anyway.

Ricardo tells the press that he broke up with Angelina.

ricardo talking to the press in christmas with you

In the end, everything is still about publicity.


After Angelina and Miguel perform together at the gala, Ricardo holds a press conference to announce that he and Angelina are no longer together.

He makes a point of saying that he is the one who ended the relationship, in yet another petty moment for Ricardo.

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