WWE: “I feel incredibly satisfied”


Former Universal Champion Bray Wyatt returned to the ring tonight at WWE Royal Rumble in the first-ever Mountain Dew Pitch Black match against LA Knight.

The lights went out for the match, and Wyatt put on a glow-in-the-dark mask. LA Knight’s neon trunks were glowing as well due to the extravagant lighting. Knight controlled the action early and managed to put Wyatt through the announcers’ table outside the ring.

Knight grabbed a neon-colored kendo stick and started bashing The Eater of Worlds, but he wouldn’t stay down. Bray then quickly planted Knight with a Sister Abigail for the pinfall victory. After the match, Uncle Howdy showed up and leaped off a platform onto LA Knight below.

After WWE Royal Rumble went off the air, Bray Wyatt was asked by Fox Sports’ Ryan Satin how he felt about his return to the ring during the press conference.

Tonight was Bray’s first televised match since his return at the conclusion of Extreme Rules 2022.

“Well I feel incredibly satisfied now,” said Bray Wyatt. “All the build-up and I don’t think most people don’t understand all the time and the pressure that goes into these things. So now, it’s like a really wonderful feeling, but it has been a wild week. It has been a really wild week. The payoff is now.”


Uncle Howdy sends a message to Alexa Bliss at WWE Royal Rumble

The mysterious Uncle Howdy showed up more than once tonight. Not only did he attack LA Knight after Bray Wyatt’s victory in the Mountain Dew Pitch Black match, but he also sent a message to Alexa Bliss during the premium live event.

Bianca Belair defended the RAW Women’s Championship tonight against Alexa Bliss and was the heavy favorite in the match. Bliss put up a fight but was no match for The EST, and Bianca won the match in under ten minutes after hitting the KOD.

After the match, Uncle Howdy appeared on the jumbotron and continued to play mind games with Alexa. She confronted Uncle Howdy on a recent episode of RAW and claimed that she was the one in control. Uncle Howdy wondered if Bliss still felt “in charge” after losing to Bianca Belair at WWE Royal Rumble.

It appears that Bray Wyatt and Uncle Howdy may be destined to reunite in WWE. It will be interesting to see which star Wyatt targets next after he vanquished LA Knight at the Royal Rumble.

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