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Rumors have begun swirling that Carmella is on her way back to WWE. She has been away from the company after suffering a personal tragedy but is reportedly set to return on RAW.

The Princess of Staten Island has always been a polarizing figure in WWE. Some fans love her, while others love to hate her. Either way, it is undeniable that she gets a reaction from the WWE Universe whenever she appears.

Listed below are five ways Carmella could make her long-awaited return to WWE.

#5. Carmella could team up with Becky Lynch on WWE RAW

“That’s Twitter for you. ‘We want Becky, we want Becky,’ now we have her, ‘Ah, we didn’t want her like that.’ Sorry, you can’t have your cake and eat it too, but that is wrestling Twitter.”- Carmella on the fan reaction to Becky Lynch beating Bianca Belair at Summerslam https://t.co/YnMeuxW6nr

It seems like the unlikeliest of pairings, but Becky Lynch could use some assistance on the red brand. The Man has had issues with Damage CTRL stemming back to SummerSlam 2022. Becky was supposed to battle Bayley in a Steel Cage match at WWE RAW XXX but Damage CTRL attacked before the bell.

Becky likely wants to get revenge on Bayley, but it is difficult when she is constantly being attacked by Dakota Kai and IYO SKY. Carmella is a natural heel but could return with a new outlook on life and offer to help Big Time Becks in her battle against Damage CTRL on RAW.

#4. She could join Damage CTRL

Bayley’s post about Carmella and Corey’s wedding! 🥺 https://t.co/9TlEREKGCj

Bayley and Carmella are great friends in real life and that relationship would translate well to the television screen. The Role Model has gone from being a hugger to a despicable villain on RAW who will do anything to get her way.

Carmella would fit right in with Damage CTRL and would likely have no issues answering to Bayley as the leader of the group. Dakota Kai and IYO SKY are the reigning Women’s Tag Team Champions and she could assist them by causing chaos ringside before eventually returning to the ring.

#3. She could be a General Manager

Carmella has accomplished a lot in her career. She has won several titles and won the Money in the Bank match in 2017. However, she has never portrayed an authority figure in the promotion.

Sonya Deville recently returned to being a WWE Superstar after she served as the SmackDown General Manager for some time. The Princess of Staten Island could certainly do the same as she is a great speaker and can agitate the WWE Universe whenever she feels like it.

#2. She could team up with Chelsea Green

We just witnessed the FASTEST elimination in the history of the Women’s #RoyalRumble Match!!!@ImChelseaGreen was immediately thrown over the top rope by @RheaRIpley_WWE in a shocking moment! https://t.co/jKw9DuWjBv

Chelsea Green returned to the company last night as the 20th entrant in the Women’s Royal Rumble match. Her return did not go as planned as she became the fastest female superstar ever eliminated from a Royal Rumble match.

Rhea Ripley immediately hurled Green over the top rope for the elimination in a matter of seconds. Ripley went on to win the match and punched her ticket to WrestleMania 39.

Green seemed extremely confident while heading down the entrance ramp and was talking trash the entire time. Carmella doesn’t lack confidence and the two could make an entertaining tag team in WWE.

#1. The Princess of Staten Island could return for revenge on the RAW Women’s Champion

Carmella tried several times to defeat Bianca Belair last year but came up short every time. While she was away, nothing changed at the top of the red brand regarding the women’s division. Bianca Belair has been the reigning RAW Women’s Champion since WrestleMania 38 and looks to be unstoppable.

Alexa Bliss tried to play mind games with Belair leading into their match last night at the Royal Rumble, but it didn’t work. The EST defeated Alexa with ease and is now awaiting her next challenger.

Mella would be the underdog but may have learned from her losses against Belair and would put up a better fight this time around.

Check out exclusive footage of a fight that broke out at the WWE Royal Rumble press conference here

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