“You’ll Be Ashamed To Know Meaning Of Hindu”: Karnataka Congress Leader

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“What is the connection of the word Hindu with India?” he asked.


Top Karnataka Congress leader Satish Laxmanrao Jarkiholi has stoked a massive controversy by saying the word “Hindu” has a vulgar meaning and does not have its origins in India. It’s from Persian, he said.

“The word Hindu, where did it originate from? Is it ours? It’s Persian, from the region of Iran, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan. What is the connection of the word Hindu with India? Then how can you accept it? This should be debated,” he said.

The video has been doing the rounds on social media, with the ruling BJP slamming it as an insult and provocation for Hindus.

“You will be ashamed to know the meaning of the word Hindu. It is vulgar,” he says in the video, asking the audience to “check Wikipedia” to know where the word originated from. 

Mr Jarkiholi is the working President of Karnataka Pradesh Congress Committee, and has also served as forest minister in the previous Congress government. He was speaking during an event in Belagavi district on Sunday, when he made the remark.

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